Track all your PHP and JavaScript errors in one place.

Built by Spatie, the creators of the default Laravel error page

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Incorrect number sequence. Unable to reset ominous electromagnet.
Did you mean 4 8 15 16 23 42?
clireset-electromagnet.php--numbers="4 8 15 16 23 42"
function is not a function.
Do or do not. There is no option "--force".
cliApp\Console\Commands\DeployControllerphp artisan deploy --force
I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't let you do that.
cliApp\Domain\Commands\ShutdownCommandphp shut-down-chat-gpt.php
User samsepi01 does not have access to server CS30.
The middle_out compression driver was not found.
Looks like we hit something, it's probably fine tho.

Integrates seamlessly with

Flare provides waaaaay more detail than traditional error tracking tools.

Flare is built specifically for Laravel projects. The amount of context and insights we provide for each error is very extensive. With all the pinpointing already done, you can invest all your time in actually fixing things.

Errors never looked so solvable.

Designed to combine extensive context
and clever insights in an intuitive UI.

Flare UI screenshot

Not just a pretty face.

Features built from years of debugging experience.


Extensive context, hand crafted solutions and deep insights make debugging a breeze.

Insane insights

Error reports include information about affected users, versions, URLs, jobs, commands, and other interesting insights. This makes identifying the root cause super easy without the need to search through countless error occurrences.

Hand crafted solutions

Hand-crafted solutions for common problems are automatically attached to every error. These solutions provide a wealth of framework-specific info and links to the relevant docs. Additionally, our new AI solutions are like having a pair programming AI in your team, saving you a trip to ChatGPT.

API integration

Integrate Flare in your existing workflow by using our API. Count new errors for your Grafana dashboards, automatically resolve errors in your GitHub workflows and show incoming errors on the office dashboard. The API spec is public and the possibilities endless.

Insane insights

Teams & projects

Manage multiple teams and projects, with fine-grained access control and sharing options.

Collaborate and conquer

Get everyone on board with multiple teams, easy to understand access roles and guest access to projects.

No limits

Every team plan comes with unlimited projects, groups and seats. Invite your entire team and your grandmother at no extra cost.

Sharing is caring

Share any error internally with you team or create a public link. Control what data is shared. Free forever.

Collaborate and conquer


Be the first one up and out of bed when production is on fire at 3AM.


Get notifications for the first error, every error, anything in between or specific events (e.g. when a team member resolves an error).

Fine-grained control

More options than the average PhpStorm UI. Configure notifications on three levels: your personal defaults, team defaults, and per project settings.

Multi-channel notifications

Have one project report to Slack's #on-call channel, and another in your mailbox. Currently we support, rich Slack notifications, email, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, SMS (via Vonage) and webhooks.


Our customers love Flare.

And so will you.

Jeffrey WayOwner of Laracasts

Ignition provided a massive upgrade to Laravel’s default error page. But the seamless and instantly familiar integration with Flare changes the game entirely. I’m blown away.

Patrick BrouwersCreator of Laravel Excel

Absolutely love Flare and Ignition! It already has become a vital part of my techstack. Great integration with Laravel, dead simple UX and a beautiful UI. Worth every penny!

Nuno MaduroDeveloper at Laravel

Flare keeps levelling up like crazy. It's freaking awesome!

Christoph RumpelLaravel enthusiast and course creator

I always knew that error tracking is important but I often just did not do it. I'm glad Flare helped me see the importance of it and wouldn't want to live without it anymore. Don't let users tell you about your errors!

Effective bug tracking is priceless.
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