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Laravel Error Tracking

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Flare is the only error tracker that suggests a fix.
Think Ignitionyour local error pagein production.
Crafted carefully by Beyond Code & Spatie.

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Know the issue in no time

Instant notifications for errors

Flare monitors your applications and notifies you when things go wrong.

For common issues, Flare suggests solutions and related documentation. The best part? In local development, the Ignition error page can automatically fix things for you with a single click.

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Errors & occurrences Solutions

An idea, anyone?

Made to collaborate

You can share your exceptions from your local environment or from production. Pick exactly which content can see the light when you ask for help.

Need more assistance? Invite guests and team members to your projects to share the burden. Get creative with notifications to follow up on who solved what.


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As seen in… Laravel

A first-class citizen

Flare couples with Ignition —the open source error page provided in Laravel. Anyone who has ever seen a local error will love the online features of Flare for monitoring projects in production.

The service provides a focused and super-fast interface, with customization in mind. It clearly shows that Ignition and Flare are developed by a team of fellow developers.

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Good folks saying nice things


' Ignition provided a massive upgrade to Laravel’s default error page. But the seamless and instantly familiar integration with Flare changes the game entirely. I’m blown away. '

Jeffrey Way

' Absolutely love Flare and Ignition! It already has become a vital part of my techstack. Great integration with Laravel, dead simple UX and a beautiful UI. Worth every penny! '

Patrick Brouwers

' Since using Flare, I already have a bug fixed when my collegues came to me for reporting that (fixed) error… nice work! '

Sascha Presnac

' I’ve been using Flare for the last month now. For my work and learning it’s the perfect fit. You can learn how to fix issues using Laravel specific and easy to understand logs. It’s as much a tool for learning as it is a bug tracker. 🔥 '

Gareth Redfern

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