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Flare is the error tracker for every Laravel environment.
We focus on the solution so you can continue with your work.
Made by people who love the ecosystem.

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Hands-on solutions

Flare's clear and focused interface is perfect for everyday problem solving.

For common issues, Flare suggests solutions and related documentation. The best part? In local development, the Ignition error page can automatically fix things for you with a single click.

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Errors & occurrences Solutions

An idea, anyone?

Made to collaborate

You can share your Flare exceptions from both your local environment or from production. Pick exactly which content can see the light when you ask for help.

Need more assistance? Invite guests and team members to your projects to share the burden. Get creative with notifications to follow up on who solved what.


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As seen in… Laravel

A first-class citizen

Flare couples with Ignition —a free error reporter provided in Laravel. Anyone who has ever seen a local error will love the online features in Flare for monitoring projects in production.

The service provides a focused and super-fast interface, with customization in mind. It clearly shows that Ignition and Flare are developed by a team of fellow developers.

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Made for Laravel Debug options

Don't tell me you never forgot to copy your .env file.

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