Resolving bugs efficiently starts with Flare

Packed with features to take the hassle out of tracking bugs, so you can focus on coding.


For local development

The default error page for Laravel

Ignition is a free and shareable error page that ships by default with Laravel 6 and up, or can be installed manually from 5.5. Its polished interface is built to keep you focused on finding a solution.

Ignition documentation

Your Laravel project is live, now what?

Upgrading to Flare gives you the power of Ignition, along with tons of added features to make debugging as a team a breeze.


For production applications

Production grade Laravel error tracking

Flare is the online service you're looking at. Flare collects all your PHP and JavaScript errors from staging and production projects and lets you work in a team to fix them.

Start tracking

01Errors & Occurrences

With all the pinpointing already done, you can invest all your time in actually fixing things.


Intelligent grouping

Log messages

Manage your errors

Go back an entire month

Error Occurrences

Flare automatically suggests solutions

Supercharged stacktraces

Great what, when, where

Share error with colleagues

Notes & Activity

Deep insights

Tons of framework specific context

Your local Ignition error page in the cloud

Advanced filtering

Request tracking


Each and every bug instantly organized, shared and documented.

Bring order to chaos

Monthly summary

Absolutely no limits


Set up a team, invite members, add your web app and you’re good to go.

Still no limits

Team avatars

Billing managed per team

Simple overview, easy switching

Keep the lights on and the door locked


Be the first to know when something bad happens in one of your applications.

More options than the average PhpStorm UI

Set advanced triggers for notifications

More channels than satellite TV

05GitHub, GitLab & Jira

Flare integrates and syncs
seamlessly with GitHub, GitLab & Jira

  • Quickly create and close issues synced to error reports
  • Link issues to Flare error by mentioning a Flare URL in an issue
  • Automatically resolve Flare errors by closing issues
  • Automatically close issues when resolving errors
  • Open stackframe files directly on GitHub
  • Configure all of the above per project


Connect your API with Flare

  • Generate API tokens for your office dashboard, prometheus integration or monitoring stack.
  • Almost all features available in the UI are available as API endpoints.
  • PHP SDK available (soon).

On top of all that, you'll also love

How easy it is to setup Flare

Installing Flare takes just 3 easy steps.

You'll be up and running in under five minutes

The direct line to our engineering team for support

Get in contact with our engineers instantly if you’re in need of assistance or have feedback about Flare

Our honest billing plans

Everyone makes mistakes, accidents happen. We’ll gladly reset your error quota if your app decides to fall apart at 2AM and send 20 errors/seconds for hours on end.

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