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Error Page for Laravel

By Spatie

Ignition is a beautiful and customizable error page.
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Focus on the solution

Tools for a quick fix

Ignition can suggest solutions and related documentation for common issues. The best part? It can even automatically fix things for you with a single click.

When you have to dive deep, you get all Laravel specific debug information presented nicely. And if you're still stuck, you can share your errors publicly to get external help.

On this page

Solutions Debugging Sharing

Customize your errors

Optional tabs and extensions

You can set the UI theme of the interface, configure an inline editor or add custom tabs for self-diagnosis and Tinker.

The community has you further covered with tabs for Stack Overflow, migrations or Laracast. Need something else? Coding one of your own shouldn't be that hard.

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Custom tabs First party extensions Third party

Moving to production

Connect with Flare–the Laravel error tracker

Anyone who has ever seen an Ignition error will love the online features of Flare. Setup projects and teams to gather all error occurrences from your projects in production.

Flare provides fine-grained control over notifications. We can send emails, rich Slack notifications, SMSes with Vonage and webhooks.

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All Ignition features

Made for Laravel

Ignition is a beautiful, customizable error page for Laravel projects, focussed on simplicity and readability.


Ignition is pre-installed in Laravel from version 6 and up. In older versions (5.5+), Ignition can be installed with Composer.


A clean error card, a nifty stack trace and clean code viewer: when working with either Ignition or Flare, the error layout feels familiar.


Jump from an error to the Telescope dashboard, or use an API key from Flare to start tracking your Ignition errors.


Sometimes it's just an oversight… and Ignition will let you know.

Solution cards

For common Laravel problems, possible solutions are presented below the error. Things you can try, or documentation you should take a look at.

Runnable fixes

The best part: if it's easily fixed, you can just run the solution from inside Ignition. Who hasn't forgotten to copy an .env.example file before?

Add your own solutions

Open source developers can add custom solutions to their own packages via a provided interface to assist their users even further.


The Ignition error page will let you have a look at every detail, from every possible angle.

Lots of goodies

The default debug tabs can display Laravel app data, Blade view data, SQL queries, Git commit information and many other useful details.

Correct an error

Jump straight from the stack trace to the exact line number in PHPstorm, Visual Studio Code, Sublime or Atom.

Add custom tabs

Developers can add custom tabs to make the errors their own. A CodeMirror tab, a Tinker tab, you name it.

Sharing local errors

Have a little help from your friends, and share an error from your development environment.

Free for all

You don't need a Flare subscription to publish errors to the world. The service is totally free.

What to show

It's up to you how much you'd want to give away. When you hit "Share", you can always select which tabs will be shown or hidden.

Keep control

When a share is succesfully published, you'll get two links: one to share, and one to administer and eventually take down the public URL.

Start tracking errors in production

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Good folks saying nice things


' Ignition provided a massive upgrade to Laravel’s default error page. But the seamless and instantly familiar integration with Flare changes the game entirely. I’m blown away. '

Jeffrey Way

' Absolutely love Flare and Ignition! It already has become a vital part of my techstack. Great integration with Laravel, dead simple UX and a beautiful UI. Worth every penny! '

Patrick Brouwers

' Since using Flare, I already have a bug fixed when my collegues came to me for reporting that (fixed) error… nice work! '

Sascha Presnac

' I’ve been using Flare for the last month now. For my work and learning it’s the perfect fit. You can learn how to fix issues using Laravel specific and easy to understand logs. It’s as much a tool for learning as it is a bug tracker. 🔥 '

Gareth Redfern